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21-03-23 | New album coming in 2023
We are very excited about our plans to release the new Nox Aeterna album this year! Arnold is working on the very last details of the audio mastering. Debbie will again design the artwork for the album. This new album will not only be released digitally. There is going to be a very limited special printed edition of our latest masterpiece as well. Be sure to get yours in the preorder this summer!

Nox Aeterna rehearsing in the studio

07-02-23 | Listen to Nox Aeterna for free
You can listen to all your favorite Nox Aeterna songs at Spotify. You can also listen to our Nox Aeterna Playlist. It's free! Don't have Spotify? No problem. We are also on Apple Music, iTunes and Deezer!

Listen to Nox Aeterna for free on Spotify

22-12-22 | Best wishes from Nox Aeterna
Our last rehearsal with Nox Aeterna! We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy Newyear. We want to thank you all for the amazing reactions on our latest release Victims in Abandonment. You guys really seem to like it. Thanks so much for the continued support over the years. We will return in 2023!

Nox Aeterna wishes you a Happy New Year!

18-11-22 | New single Victims in Abandonment out now!
Here it is! Today we released our new song Victims in Abandonment. This is the third single from our upcoming full lenght studio album. Its groove and melodies will keep you wanna play it over and over again. Check it out on all your favorite streaming services.

Nox Aeterna - Victims in Abandonment

01-09-22 | Nightblood 10-year anniversary
Hell yeah! 10 Years ago we released our album Nox Aeterna - Nightblood. Time flies. Today we raise our glasses (or beer bottles) and say 'Cheers!' while listening to the old tunes once more. Check them out: Nightblood (remastered)

Thank you for your continued support over the years. We hope you have enjoyed the ride with us so far. We are currently in the last stage of mixing our upcoming album. A worthy addition to our discography. Good things are on their way.

Listen to Nox Aeterna - Nightblood (remastered)

13-05-22 | Great show @ Patronaat
We had a great show at Patronaat in Haarlem yesterday. After a long time of lockdown we really enjoyed getting on that stage again. Thanks for your support and thanks to Patronaat and the other bands Disquiet & Spartan for having us. Check out some pictures of our night. See you next time!

Nox Aeterna live @ Patronaat 2022

18-02-22 | Nox Aeterna live @ Patronaat 12th of May
We are very excited to announce our first show of the year! We have been invited to play at the releaseparty of Spartan's new album Of Kings and Gods. After a long time of lockdown we are looking forward to getting on that stage again. The show will be at the Patronaat in Haarlem. Nox Aeterna will open the evening for you, followed by the band Disquiet. Tickets (Euro 10,-) are now available. Check out all info: We hope to see you all!

Nox Aeterna live @ Patronaat 2022 Nox Aeterna live @ Patronaat 2022

01-02-22 | Back in business
Last Friday we had our first rehearsal of the year. After a two month lockdown we were finally allowed to play again. Hopefully 2022 will be a good year. We have a couple of milestones ahead of us. Like the 10 year anniversary of our album Nightblood and the 15 year anniversary of our EP Immortality. Besides looking at our past, we also look ahead. There is a new album to look forward to. So far we have released two singles from that album called The One and Determined. Expect more of those tunes in the near future. We are back in business. Stay safe and rock on!

Nox Aeterna is back in business

01-12-21 | Cheers to a great 2022
Cheers to our last rehearsal of the year. Unfortunately we are back in lockdown and aren't allowed to go to our rehearsal room for the next couple of weeks. Let all hope for a great 2022. Best of luck to all our fans and friends in music.

Cheers Nox Aeterna

01-10-21 | Find us on Facebook & Instagram
Our band rehearsals have started again and in bigger news, all of the new songs are now recorded! Next step is mixing and mastering the songs and vocals. Next year will be big. Don't forget our latest single Determined we have already released upon this world. In the meantime, join us on our Facebook & Instagram for some fun!

Nox Aeterna on Instagram

07-05-21 | New single Determined out now!
Here it is! Today we unleash our new single 'Determined' on the world. This is the melodic death metal track that will define the sound of your summer. Though a part of an upcoming concept album, 'Determined' really relates to the current state of the world in this day and age. Both its melodies and aggressiveness will keep you hooked from start to end. Check it out, you won't be disappointed. Listen on your favorite streaming services.

Nox Aeterna - Determined

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