Nox Aeterna | Wargod

From the album: Nox Aeterna - Immortality
Release date: 29 September 2007
Lyrics by Arnold Boukes and Nox Aeterna


Feel the fire, feel the flame of his burning will
He will fool you, he will deceive you, just to kill, kill, kill
He will promise might and power, he has you in his grip
To fight a war for his pleasure, his honour and his glory

Filled with anger, filled with hate, you stand on the battlefield
The Gods are ready, they are about to unleash hell
You are just a little pawn in this war of lies
They don′t give a shit about the millions who′ll die

With a thrust of a knife and a slash from a sword
You will end some more lives
The rage of death is unstoppable
The God of War has hypnotized you

The deserted battlefield turns blood shaded red
The Wargod′s lust for blood is satisfied
Rotting corpses everywhere, for nothing they all died
The promised might and power suddenly seems so redundant

Filled with disillusion, still standing on the battlefield
The lonely soul inside of you snaps out of the dark spell
The words of greed from the Wargod seem so unreal
All the power in the world couldn′t set you free

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Nox Aeterna - Immortality