Nox Aeterna | Unleash the Fury

From the album: Nox Aeterna - Unleashed
Release date: 2 June 2004
Lyrics by Arnold Boukes and Nox Aeterna

On a dark and rainy night
A brutal murder a vicious fight
Stabbed and shot he is disgraced
Is this his end in this place

One year later, he is back from the dead
It is time for his revenge
Back from the dead, to put the wrong things right
This is it, it is his fight

A crow carried back his soul from the land of the dead
Now there′s only one thing on his mind, now he will…

Unleash the fury of his mind
Tortured for so long they all will die
There is no escape from his sight
Not in darkness nor in light

With his new immortal power
He brings fear in their last hours
His murderers died a year ago
Only they just didn′t know

Unleash the fury in his eyes
Finally they pay the prize
His revenge is complete
Now he can rest in peace

Rest in peace…

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Nox Aeterna - Unleashed