Nox Aeterna | Raanah's Endgame

From the album: Nox Aeterna - The Desperation Deal
Release date: 28 February 2015
Lyrics by Arnold Boukes, Debbie Maasdam and Erik de Beijer

The Old King Is Resting In His Bed
Remembering The Sacrifice He Made
An Empty Feeling Deep Inside
Something Is Missing, He Gets Afraid
The Kingdom Built In Five Short Years Is Massive
But Wasn′t Enough
What If There Are More Adversaries
He Has To Get Rid Of

Soon, He Will Die, But His Name Lives On
Through His Legion And What They Become
If They Fall His Legacy Will End
His Sacrifice, Nothing Has It Meant

Brother, They Have Returned
Fortified, They Have Returned

Without The Help Of Raanah
His Legacy Will Fade In The Night - Never
Summon Your Pet Demon
To Make Your Men Immortal In This Fight - I Beg You
An Easy Task For Raanah
But The Old King Cannot Pay The Price - You Are Weak
Out Of Desperation
He Begs Her To Prevent His Demise

Soon, The Old King Dies, But His Brother Lives On
Through His Strength The Deed Can Be Done
Raanah′s Terms They Can′t Be Real
He Is Forced To Make The Desperation Deal

In Return For Your Younger Brother′s Life
I Will Grant Your Men Immortality Until Sundown
Do We Have A Deal?


Bound To His Bed
Alone With Haunting Thoughts
Hours Slowly Pass

The Battle Doesn′t End
Get Up Out Of Bed
Sunlight Slowly Fades

This Is My Last Day On This Earth
Betraying And Sacrificing My Brother
All For Nothing
As Sunlight Fades Behind The Mountains
My Deal With Raanah Ends
With The Sound Of Dying Men
So Does My Legacy

Standing On The Battlefield
He Sees His Brother Covered In Shades - Forgive Me
Leaning On His Sword, Disconcerted
He Knows He Got Played - Why?
A Knife Slides In His Chest, He Is Fainting
Waiting For Death - This Is The End
While Thinking About These Fearful Odds
He Exhales His Final Breath

Raanah, You Kept Your Word
We Stood Our Ground Until Sunset
And Then Killed Them All
Against This Western Legion
My Greatest Victory Achieved

The Deed Is Done
I Will Now Take Five Years Of Your Life

Soon, This New King Dies, But His Name Lives On
Through His Legion And What They Become
Raanah′s Terms For Now They Are Real
Until He Must Make
A Desperation Deal

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Nox Aeterna - The Desperation Deal