Nox Aeterna | Purify

From the album: Nox Aeterna - Nightblood
Release date: 20 August 2012
Lyrics by Arnold Boukes and Nox Aeterna

Can you tell me what life is about?
No one seems to have the answers
Ask for something, you get nothing
Making promises spoken with a serpents tongue

What′s wrong with the world we live in
All for themselves and no one really cares
What the fuck do you want from me?
You are like a bad addiction, without the thrill

Purify (4x)

Can you tell me what life is about? - A question, a question
No one seems to have the answer - The answer, the answer
Pray for something, there′s still nothing - Still nothing, still nothing
Is there anyone out there, who understands?

What the hell do you think you are - My master? My master?
I refuse to be enslaved - No longer, no longer
Perhaps I should stop caring - Let go, let go
It is the only way to purify myself

Purify (4x)

Purify the mind and heart ′cuz no one seems to care
Purify the things in life that I don′t understand
Purify the soul that used to be in iron chains
Purify it all, purify it all

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Nox Aeterna - Nightblood