Nox Aeterna | Loathe The Incertitude

From the album: Nox Aeterna - The Desperation Deal
Release date: 28 February 2015
Lyrics by Arnold Boukes, Debbie Maasdam and Erik de Beijer

Back At The Majestic Var Tekin
The Brothers Head To The Throne Room
Don′t Disrupt Me Until I Show Myself
I Need To Think This Through

The Doors Are Barely Closed
When Einarr Starts To Shout
Demon, Where Are You?
Show Yourself

Raanah, Be True To Me
Do You Still Control Your First Enemy?
Off Course, Oh Mighty King

Raanah, Forgive Me
They Resemble Their Brutality

This Group Is The Army Of The East
An Army Of Great Warriors
Their Leader Is A Real Ambitious Man
Just Like You

You′re Different From Him Because
He, He Doesn′t Care
His Only Goal Is To Dominate
Now You Know What You′re Up Against
What Awaits You

Raanah, Be True To Me
I Need To Know, Who Is This Enemy?
Don′t Prevaricate

Raanah, Open Up To Me
Do They Threaten My Legacy?

If They Are As Grand As They Claim To Be
My Name Shall Be Known Beyond Eternity

Tomorrow At First Light
We Ride East

Raanah, Watch Over Me
As I Defeat This Enemy
No Further Desires?

Raanah, Conjugate To Me
As I Fulfill My Destiny

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Nox Aeterna - The Desperation Deal