Nox Aeterna | Destitute Salvation

From the album: Nox Aeterna - Aurora Borealis
Release date: 20 April 2018
Lyrics by Arnold Boukes, Debbie Maasdam and Erik de Beijer

Another Night Has Passed
The Pale Sun Rises
Slowly Waking Up, Still Forworn
Distressed By Her Frostbitten Face

Stumbling Through The Woods
Cling To The Light

How Do We Survive This?
Focus On The Light

Finally, An Old Shack
Inhabited By One
Tell Your Tale To The Hermit
He Doesn′t Care At All

Where Do We Go From Here?
The Cold Took Her Life
Desperate For Food
We′re Just Two Out Of Five
Keep Walking In The Snow
Keep Holding Our Heads Up High
In The Distance Shines A Light
Our Salvation Tonight?

Are You The Only One?
A Sole Survivor

Where Do We Go From Here?
What Did This Man Survive?
Desperate For Answers
A Struggle, A Mental Strife
Keep Wondering Inside
Keep Questioning Your Mind
We Just Can′t Comprehend
Despondency Ascends

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Nox Aeterna - Aurora Borealis